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Thursday, May 7th, 2015

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    PB: Tatiana Maslany
    NAME: Helena
    JOURNAL: [info]sestra_hunter
    NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Meathead, Killer Clone, Angry Angel, White Whale
    AGE/DATE OF BIRTH: 28; March 15, 1984

    POWERS: She seems to have either slightly accelerated healing or really, really good luck seeing as she's survived wounds which should have killed her. Is having mirrored internal organs a power?

    HANDICAPS: She is not quite right in the head. At all. This is what happens when a) you are brought up in an unhealthy environment for the first ten years of your life and b) are then raised by religious fanatics in a possibly even more unhealthy environment.

    APPEARANCE: Helena is 5'4" with curly hair dyed blonde and left in a wild cloud around her head. She is pale with reddened circles around her eyes and raw self-inflicted scars on her back in the loose appearance of wings.

    PHYSICAL QUIRKS: Once she is shirtless or in a tank-top, the red wing scars on her back are very, disturbingly noticeable. Helena is very tactile with objects, though less so with people; she does not like being touched and gets weirdly into peoples' personal space when she does decide to do so. She has absolutely appalling table manners. She speaks English with a noticeable Ukrainian accent. She has the capability of being extremely still like a predator or a small child fearing being hit, but her mannerisms when she feels safe are exuberant and childlike.

    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Helena is very, very, very good at violence. She's quick and stronger than she looks, and she's very good with both a knife and a sniper rifle. And fists. And duct tape.

    RELATIVES: Helena has many sestras. Her biological twin is Sarah Manning, and the other clones that she's met and acknowledge as relatives are Cosima Niehaus and Alison Hendrix, along with Alison's husband and children. Helena has also acknowledged Sarah's adopted brother Felix Dawkins as her "brother-sestra." Helena is fiercely protective of Kira, Sarah's daughter and her niece. She has forgiven Sarah's adoptive mother Mrs S and accepted her as part of the family, and has met her mother-sestra, the template that both the Castor and Leda clones were taken from.

    Helena killed eight of the other Project Leda clones as well as her own birth mother, Amelia.

    OCCUPATION: Assassin? Couch-crasher? Hostage? Science experiment? Soap-maker? Refund-getter?

    EDUCATION: No formal education. She was presumably taught some by the convent where she was raised until she was ten, and possibly taught more by the Proletheans who took her after that, but mostly she was just taught to kill and that clones and biologically modified humans were abominations.

    TELL US SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW: Helena likes all food, but especially anything that is very strong in flavor, whether it is sweet, savory, whatever. But mostly sugary. One of the ways that she was punished as a child by being deprived: of food, of affection, of sight, and she takes pleasure in giving herself these things. Food is the easiest and quickest. She cannot cook, never having learned how, and so she lives off of whatever she can get or whatever is given to her and so she relishes each new experience. She loves 1960s bubblegum pop and sings along terribly when she hears it. (Presumably Maggie Chen let her listen to music like The Archies as a reward on the down low while she was growing up.) Also, when she's under tremendous stress she hallucinates a talking scorpion named Pupok that helps her through the situation. As you do.

    HISTORY: Helena is one of a number of clones birthed from an experiment known as Project Leda. Nurture has done a number on Helena. She was given to a Ukranian convent shortly after birth and raised in a very upsetting and abusive environment for her early childhood. When she was twelve, she was found and kidnapped by two Prolethean religious fanatics, Maggie Chen and Tomas, who took over raising her. In this case, "raising" means "tortured and honed into a killing machine." Their twisted beliefs combined with her time in the convent gave her a very peculiar set of religious delusions of her own, most particularly that she was special and that God sent her to track down and kill the other clones: "abominations," as they were put to her.

    She did a very good job, killing eight monitored clones, until she met Sarah Manning, who turned out to not only be one of the Project Leda clones, but her identical twin: they were both split from the same zygote after it had been implanted into their surrogate mother, who went on the run and split them up after birth to protect them. Helena felt the connection between them and let Sarah live, which the Proletheans did not take kindly to. Her handler Tomas attempted to get her to use Sarah's daughter Kira as a lure, which Helena nearly did but changed her mind. Tomas punished Helena for this severely upon learning that Kira was Sarah's biological daughter--an impossibility for clones who were designed to be infertile. Once free from the Proletheans she killed her and Sarah's birth mother, telling her, "You let them make me this way." Sarah in turn shot Helena, leaving her for dead.

    However, Helena was not dead! She should have been, but a rare quirk of nature means that her internal organs are mirrored, and so shooting her in the heart... was not in fact shooting her in the heart. Oops. Helena dragged herself to a hospital, where she was treated and located by the Prolethean cult, who retrieved her and brought her back to their compound. She was viewed there by their leader Henrik as a miracle whose eggs should be used to populate the earth with miracle children; she was viewed by his daughter Gracie and many other cult members as a soulless abomination, as the Prolethean religion is staunchly anti-clone. While Helena was still recovering, Henrik sedated her, performed a "marriage" ceremony, and removed some of her eggs. Gracie did not like this and tried to smother Helena.

    Helena did not like this and escaped, saving Sarah's life in the process. Sarah, having thought that she had killed Helena, was understandably upset by this, but also had a whole lot of other things to worry about and left her in the custody of her adopted brother Felix--or "brother sestra" as Helena began to call him. Helena let a few things slip while she stayed there, namely that the "Swan Man" was interested in them. The "Swan Man" was one of the original creators of Project LEDA, and the adoptive father of another clone named Rachel, who Helena helpfully tried to assassinate as Rachel had been causing trouble for Sarah and the Clone Club. Sarah talked her down. She and Sarah began to bond while on a road trip to a facility in Cold River, but she got in a bar fight, ended up in jail, and was bailed out by... PROLETHEANS.

    She was taken back to their compound and told that she was being taken to see her babies--the eggs that had been removed from her, now fertilized. Some were implanted into her, and she discovered that some were implanted into Gracie, who had tried to smother her some time back. This meant, logically, that Henrik was the father of the children who were implanted into his own daughter. This reminded Helena all too much of the people that she was raised by, who twisted children for their own desires, and caused her to turn on Henrik and the Proletheans. She allowed Gracie and Gracie's boyfriend Mark to escape, then turned on Henrik, violating him with the machinery that he'd used in the artificial insemination process and then killing him before burning down the Prolethean ranch and returning to Sarah. She finally met her other clone sisters, Alison and Cosima, and things seemed to be going well for once in her life.

    Of course then she was kidnapped by Project Castor, a military branch with a cloning project of its own: male clones with the face of Mark from the Prolethean ranch. Helena was tortured in the name of stress tests until blood tests revealed that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, at which time she was given neurological tests instead. Where the female clones of Project Leda have a terminal illness that leads to lung dysfunction and death, the male clones of Project Castor have neurological illness. Helena was told that Sarah had given her over to Castor. Helena at first refused to believe it, thinking that Sarah would come rescue her. Over time her conviction wore down so that by the time Sarah was brought in as a prisoner Helena did not believe that Sarah was not the one who sold her out.

    Helena bided her time, working with Sarah to escape her cell, at which time she abandoned Sarah to Castor and set off across the Mexican desert on her own, goaded on by her hallucinatory scorpion. But in a show of sisterly love, Helena symbolically ate Pupok and returned to the base to rescue Sarah, who contacted Mrs S--the woman who had sold Helena out in exchange for Sarah and Kira's safety from Castor. Helena attempted to fight Mrs S in a Mexican cantina but the two found themselves at an accord and Helena found herself with even more family: this time, a surrogate mother.

    Once back safely in Canada, Helena was placed with Alison and Donnie Hendrix. Helena hid her still-frozen embryos away in the Hendrix's soap and cosmetics store and happily settled in, making soap and caring for Alison's children. Unbeknownst to her, Alison and Donnie were using the soap business as a money laundering front for an illegal drug operation and when a deal went wrong Donnie found himself on the wrong end of a confrontation. Helena, who had taken a shine to Donnie, helped tend his battered face but realized that in the confrontation her tank of embryos had been stolen. Disguised as Alison she accompanied Donnie to the warehouse where the Portuguese mobsters had taken the pills and embryo tank. When Donnie and Alison's children were threatened, Helena could not let that stand. She took out the assembled mobsters with little more than her own ingenuity and the blade of a paper cutter, giving the money to Donnie with a smug, "I get refund."

    She further aided her sestras by acting as a diversion while Rudy, one of the last of the Castor clones, tried to track down Alison. Helena waited for him in the Hendrix's garage, engaging in a brief battle with Rudy, who was clearly in the last stages of his neurological breakdown. She lay with him on the floor as he died, tenderly cradling his face and comparing terrible childhoods.

    Helena has once again found herself surrounded by the family that she has found and protected: sestras, brother-sestras, pleminnytsi, a pleminnyk, even an adoptive mother and mother-sestra. And she has science babies. Not bad for an assassin raised in a dark convent.

    AU HISTORY: n/a

    PERSONALITY: Helena is oddly childlike and playful given that she is also a ruthless killer, possibly because she has been so thoroughly controlled, abused, and monitored until recently. She loves food but has absolutely appalling table manners. She loves children. She is unsettlingly tactile and curious. She is capable of being very gentle, but her first instinct is usually violence. She is not a great liar, though that does not stop her. When stressed or driven to it, she exhibits obsessive behavior, with somewhat disturbing rituals (self-harm, writing on walls, and mutilating dolls, for example.)

    MISC: Helena is still looking for a moral compass. If given the chance, she will get into a lot of trouble, especially since her first instinct if bothered is to hurt people and/or defend herself. (Usually by hurting people.) Of course, she has the capability to do good. As she finds herself surrounded by good people, she finds herself wanting to do good. It all depends on who she finds herself surrounded by. She's not exactly a blank slate, but she's very, very close in a lot of ways.

    As of the end of s3 of Orphan Black she is in her first trimester of pregnancy. For the purpose of the game, the City is holding her science baby in escrow.


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